Top 5 essential behaviour coaching tips from a psychologist

Top 5 Essential Behavior Coaching Tips From A Psychologist

Behaviour coaching is one of the most difficult tasks of a life coach. This is because the life coach is expected to help the client change their behaviours, some of which have been acquired over a long period of time. Psychologists or life coaches who help clients change their behaviours are in most cases very smart and experienced to ensure that their talks and sessions work. However, some times, the sessions just seem to not be working to help the clients change their behaviours. This is why top psychologists recommend the use of some tips to make the sessions more productive.


Here are some of the tips for a life coach to help their clients in behaviour coaching

  • Accountability is very important.

During the coaching, ensure that you hold your client accountable. Ensure that before you start the session, your client commits to taking a particular action, for example, admitting when they are wrong. This way, during the session, if they break their commitment, you can hold them accountable and they have to admit to not adhering to their word.

  • Get the attention off them.

In most cases, a life coach may forget to remind their client that the action in question is not only about them. This is one of the reasons that may jeopardise the coaching session. This is because the client may be weakened by their ego and lash out or refuse to admit when they are wrong. As a life coach, it is therefore important to ensure that you divert the attention from your client and this way, they are able to relate what you are talking about to themselves. This way, your sessions are bound to be more productive as the client will willingly take action on their actions without much resistance.

  • Reinforce your lessons.

As a life coach, you can let your client reward themselves when they do something good as keeping their word and punish themselves when they do something wrong. For example, you can have your client reward themselves with a candy bar when they take action on their behaviour and put a quarter in a jar when they do not. This is bound to help a lot in reinforcing behaviour.

You can also get your client to list down the reasons why they think they should change their behaviour. This way, you give them something to think about for the day every day. This is more effective especially because these reasons have come been written down by the clients themselves.

Let them make a promise in front of their peers or a peer group you set them up in. This is also very effective in behaviour coaching because the clients will be bound by the promise they made in front of their peers. Peer pressure is also important when you want your client to change their behaviour willingly. Due to the urge to maintain their image in front of their peers, your clients will be able to change their behaviour fast. This is one of the most important tips for a life coach to help behaviour change in the client.


The above tips are helpful to any life coach who is looking to have their client change their behavior. This is because behavior coaching is one of the most difficult tasks of a life coach to their clients. Following the above tips among others may prove to be very helpful and make the sessions more productive.